When You Need a Reminder About Who’s in Control

When I hear the word “control,” I immediately begin mixing my pop culture metaphors as my brain simultaneously sings Janet Jackson lyrics and does a [poor] Gollum impression, whispering, “My precious,” to the idea of control. Ah, to have everything in my world following my commands and plans! Like Ms. Jackson, some days I imagine my last name really is Control.

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Does a Bad Ending Ruin a Great Season?

If you’re having trouble separating your feelings about a bad ending with your memories of a great season, you’re not alone. I’ve been there — both as a disgruntled TV fan and as a failed church planter, fundraiser, and friend. It’s hard to remember the good things that led up to a disappointment, a heartbreak, a really bad ending, or just an unwanted ending. But you can do it.

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Tales as Old As Time: A Devotional About God’s Love

Once upon a time, I wrote a devotional for you inspired by Beauty & the Beast. Despite the entertaining (and fun!) inspiration for this book, I believe the message God has for us is significant. I’m praying that He uses this story and these words to reveal His love in a new light and remind us of the truths we need to stay focused on the beautiful tale He’s written.

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Fishing for Hope

Though I’m not into fishing, this story from the Bible about Jesus and the disciples is so meaningful to me. Jesus said he came to give us abundant life, and that means letting go of my need to control things and opening my heart to hope. Do you find it hard to hope?

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