The Secret to Choosing Joy

My friend and co-author Sara Frankl passed away in 2011, but she is still teaching me about choosing joy. As I worked on the book that tells her story and shares her message of hope and joy, I was amazed and moved to read about the incredible strength Sara drew from...

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Some words for today

Hey, friends. What a rough week this has turned out to be. Everything feels heavy and hard and blogging is, at the very least, awkward for those of us who typically do not talk politics online. Though my posts for this week were written and scheduled before any...

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When You Feel Gross Instead of Girly

“Now I’m supposed to look pretty and girly, which is completely impossible because I’m gross, and I have nothing to wear.” - Rory, Kiss and Tell (Season 1, Episode 7) According to the internet fall is the most beloved of all seasons. Yes, I see you with your tall...

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When You Need a Timeout

This year has been a hard one. People have taken sides on every issue under the sun, armed themselves with opinions and rights and offenses and wrongs, and proceeded to hurl word-grenades at each other, one after another, until the air has become so thick with anger...

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We did church.

When I was a kid, our pastor had a message he shared during the children's story about once a year. He'd remind us that the building we were in -- the pews and the pulpit, the classrooms and the choir loft -- wasn't the church. He'd explain that the people made the...

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To the Ones Searching for Falling Stars

One summer night we gathered at a friend's house to celebrate her birthday. I don't remember how we got from her living room to the field on her grandparents' farm; I just remember being there. And I don't recall what we talked about that kept us awake long after the...

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