Packing & Traveling with Kids (WFMW)

It's not often that I find myself singing John Denver, but when flying to Colorado, I can't resist. "I'm leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again." Of course, I do know when I'll be back. Since Mark is picking up the girls and me at the airport, I've...

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If I Could Sit Down with You Today… (WFMW)

You're not crazy. You're not alone. You're not failing. You can do this. You're exactly who they need. You are beautiful, smart, amazing. If I could sit down with you and tell you those things today, I would. (I'd offer you some chocolate chip cookies, too, OBVIOUSLY,...

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WFMW: Just Do One {Special} Thing

After being sick for pretty much an entire week, I was anxious to get up Monday and get going. I am perpetually behind on everything, and now I was basically a week more behind than before. After dropping off the girls I came home and settled in at my desk (aka, a TV...

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The Gift of Friendship {and a GIVEAWAY}

I think I met Dawn the weekend (in)courage was announced, at the She Speaks conference in 2009. But I'm not sure. And I don't remember which conference we first ended up as roommates. I just know that, somewhere along the way, Dawn became one of my most valued...

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WFMW: Pregnancy Survival Kits

About a year ago I ran across a great post on Marie's blog. She wrote about how she'd made a First Trimester Survival Kit for a friend, and I was SO BUMMED. Not because I needed one (nope, not me!), but because I had just visited a pregnant friend and would have...

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