Mom and me, circa early 90s.

“Hello, beautiful baby girl.”
“The world does not revolve around you.”
“Read your Bible and take your vitamins.”
“Dogs are done; people are finished.”

From telling me how much she loves me and teaching me how the world works (or does not work, in the case of this particular example) to giving me advice for daily living and correcting my grammar, my mother is always talking to me – even when she’s nowhere to be found.

She is the voice in my head.

Just like Lucy Kelson and her mom. You know, from Two Weeks Notice? Man, I love that movie. It’s just one of those that I can watch over and over at any time.

Midway through the movie, in the scene where George meets Lucy’s parents and begins to realize why the passionate lawyer is the way she is, she says about her mother, “She’s the voice in my head.”

And this is what George, of course, says about Lucy in the end of the movie, after he’s grown a conscious and found his heart: “She’s become the voice in my head.”

I have a feeling that Lucy and I are not the only women walking around with their mother’s voice running through their heads. One thing I’m learning as I go through Me, Myself & Lies (a Bible study about self talk by Jennifer Rothschild) is that most of us have voices in our head – and that doesn’t even mean we’re crazy!

It just means that certain people in our lives tend to resonate with our hearts, whether they speak truth or lies. I’m thankful that the things running through my head – especially the words from my parents – are often truth.

I mean, think about it. Doesn’t it sound better to say that people are finished? “I am finished.” Much nicer than “I’m done.” Right?

But there are words in my heart and my head – some from people in my life, some courtesy of my own imagination – that aren’t so true.

The trick is figuring out which words are true and which aren’t – and then holding on tight to the truth and getting rid of the lies.

Whew. Heavy stuff! And not an easy task, for sure.

I know this is a constant battle for me. What about you? Who is the voice in your head?

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