Sometimes truth shows up where you least expect it.

We could all use a minute – a minute to put up our feet, a minute to watch another episode or read another chapter, a minute to breathe. And that’s okay. Taking time to rest and enjoy yourself isn’t something to feel guilty about. And the truth is that show or that book might just have something holy to teach us.

I’m Mary, and I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to a guilt-free corner of the internet where you can kick off your shoes, get comfy, and have a little fun. We’re going to talk about our favorite TV shows and movies, our book boyfriends and secret playlists, and anything else that reminds us about who we are, what’s most important, and even God.

Connecting the dots between everyday life and the Word of God makes my heart beat fast as I am convicted or comforted, encouraged or inspired – and I love nothing more than sharing those connections with friends like you. Plus, sometimes I just love a good list or recipe or movie review. If any of that sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee), stick around. We’re going to have fun!

The Couch Podcast :: Ask the Couch, vol. 2 (S2E22)

The Couch Podcast :: Ask the Couch, vol. 2 (S2E22)

This week marks the end of Season 2 of The Couch, so I decided to take a moment to chat with you all. It’s a combination of “Ask the Couch,” where I answer your most recent pop culture questions, and “State of the Podcast,” where I talk about what’s in the works for The Couch in 2020.

BONUS EPISODE :: The Christmas Couch, episode 5

BONUS EPISODE :: The Christmas Couch, episode 5

THE CHRISTMAS COUCH is a series of special episodes of The Couch Podcast devoted to holiday movies. My friend Anna
and I are hooked on holidays and honored to be your guides through this holiday movie season. We’re here to guide you through this holiday movie season, one nosy neighbor and small town festival at a time. Grab your hot cider and let’s get started!

BONUS EPISODE :: The Christmas Couch, episode 3

BONUS EPISODE :: The Christmas Couch, episode 3

Each week during the holiday season, we’re going to pick our favorite new movies from the weekend before and then make sure you know when they’re playing again in case they aren’t all saved on your DVR. (And some weeks, LIKE THIS ONE, we’ll tell you which movie was definitely not better than the book.) We’re here to guide you through this holiday movie season, one Christmas tree farm and baking contest at a time. Grab your Irish coffee and let’s get started!

It's a lifestyle. It's a devotional!

Gilmore Girls was a TV show known (and loved) for its fast-talking, pop culture-referencing, coffee-chugging characters, but it was also a show devoted to love of family and community. These themes – as well as topics like forgiveness, kindness, and gratitude – partner well with lessons from the Bible.

Christians who loved this show will be encouraged and inspired to follow this “season” of daily devotions, reminiscing about their favorite Gilmore Girls scenes and perhaps seeing them from a whole new perspective.

When life makes you say, “Oy with the poodles already!” grab your mug of coffee and settle in for a conversation that will warm your heart and feed your soul.

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