“Read your Bible and take your vitamins.”

That’s how my mom would end every note, every e-mail she sent when I was in college. I can’t say I followed her directions every day. But the reminders didn’t hurt.

And honestly, they’re reminders I give myself today, when I still struggle to get up early enough to read my Bible and huge horse-pill vitamins still make me gag.

But wait! That’s where that pretty picture up above comes in.

I was discussing my aversion to vitamins with my co-workers one day, explaining how I can only stand them when I take them with juice but I don’t drink juice so I’m left to choke them down with water and that just doesn’t work. (I know. Okay? I know.) I said, “Too bad they don’t make gummy vitamins for grown-ups.”

You know what I found out? They do! So I bought a bottle of gummy vitamins for this grown-up. And I haven’t missed a day of vitamin-taking since.

Sadly, it’s more than I can say for my Bible-reading. (Don’t worry, Mom, I’m working on it. That’s why I bought my One Year Bible!)

Do you take a multi-vitamin? Or drink juice in the morning?

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