Where do I even start? I got a couple extra hours of sleep last night and though I woke up with a cold or something that’s making my throat hurt and my nose run, I think my body is pretty much recovered from the weekend.

My brain, though? Not even close to recovered.

So I’m not ready to share all the wisdom the fabulous panelists dropped on us at Blissdom. My plan is to get those thoughts organized by this time next week. Feel free to hold me to it!

All I can do today is tell you about some of the best moments I had at Blissdom.

  1. Lunch with Hillary and Monica on Thursday. They met at last year’s Blissdom, and I started the lunch feeling like the odd man out at their reunion. And that feeling lasted for about 30 seconds. And then we were just three friends sharing a meal.
  2. Meeting – and getting to hang out with – Sarah Markley. She is even more beautiful in person than she is on her blog, and I’m talking inside and out.
  3. Eating a good ol’ Southern breakfast (ala Cracker Barrel) with my (in)courage sisters. Holley and Stephanie are incredible leaders and friends, and the way they’ve put together a group of diverse women who are somehow immediately at home with each other is just amazing.
  4. Making a couple women’s day just by telling them I read their blogs. I didn’t realize how excited they would be to meet a reader and fan, but that’s silly. After all, every time someone told me they read my blog, I felt pretty giddy myself!
  5. Seeing Harry Connick, Jr., perform. In person. Right in front of my face. (Yes, I’ll share more details later this week. I promise!)
  6. Hanging out with Annie. I know I’m not alone when I say I love this girl. But I do. She’s so darned funny and smart and just my kind of lady. I love her. The end.
  7. Having a three-night slumber party with Hillary and Jessie. These girls are so sweet, so crazy, so funny, so talented, so smart! And they are SO my friends.
  8. Meeting bloggers I’ve been connecting with online for several months (like Amanda, Mandi and Jill), spending time with bloggers I’ve met before and can’t get enough of (like Nester, Emily and Jo-Lynne), and being introduced to incredible artists (like Gussy and Lindsey).
  9. Meeting and hanging out with Lisa and her twin sister, Chrissie. These women were so welcoming and sweet and gentle and funny. And I love them, too.
  10. Walking out of my gate at the airport and hearing the sweetest voice say, “Mommy!”

I’m forgetting some things, I’m leaving out some things for now, and the moments I just mentioned are not in any particular order. And they don’t even begin to include the hotel, the swag, the speakers and the many, many times I was moved to huge laughter or quiet tears.

Blissdom was an incredible conference, and I’m looking forward to processing everything I saw, did and learned over the next few weeks. And I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend, which was made largely possible by my sponsor, United Country Real Estate.

Did you go to Blissdom? If you’re a blogger who didn’t go to this year’s Blissdom, have you gone or do you plan to go to a blogging conference?

This post will be linked to OhAmanda’s Top Ten Tuesday and Musings of a Housewife’s Blissdom Recap Roundup.

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