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Yesterday when I walked out of my office into the parking lot at lunchtime, I smelled it. I smelled flowers.

I didn’t see them anywhere. I looked all over the grounds and didn’t see a single bloom. Maybe Mark’s right, and I do have a Super Sniffer.

But it doesn’t matter. I smelled flowers!

And while it means more rain and tornado season and allergies and months closer to shorts season, that glimpse of spring is definitely something I love on this Thursday. For more things to love, visit The Diaper Diaries.

Oh, and tomorrow, that photo up there will show you one of my favorite flowers. (I guess it’s showing you today, but I won’t link up to Friday Favorites at The Other Mama until tomorrow!)

What’s your favorite part of spring? (And bonus points to anyone who can tell me where my post title came from!)


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