One of the richest blessings I’ve received as a result of being a part of this crazy blog world is the amazing women of faith I’ve met. Some I’ve met and hugged in real life, while others I’ve only read their stories, crying and laughing along with the details of their lives.

Lisa is one I’ve met and hugged. Angie is one I’ve only read her story. Both have touched my heart.

Lisa Leonard is a beautiful jewelry designer – and by that, I mean that she’s beautiful and that she designs beautiful jewelry!

After spending a couple days with her at Blissdom, I tried to explain something I saw when I looked at her. See, her blog is full of photos in soft, muted colors. It’s gentle on the eyes. And there’s something about Lisa that is gentle on the soul.

I don’t really know how to describe what I thought. I guess that all sounds a bit crazy. But even though I told her how pastel-ly she was, Lisa was still kind enough to let me give away one of her necklaces.

As I looked at my list of books to read this spring, I knew exactly which necklace I wanted to give away.

What? How does that even make sense? [And, side note, it’s possible that none of this makes sense anyway. It’s real late, Annalyn got up real early, and I’m darned tired. But I digress. I do that when I’m tired. And never when I’m rested. Of course.]

Angie Smith lost her daughter, Audrey, shortly after she was born. Her story is devastating, but the way the Smith family has lived through it – and lived to tell it – is amazing and inspiring and encouraging.

Angie has written a book about her experience, and Lisa has designed a necklace in honor of Angie and Audrey. It’s called Audrey’s Necklace: Marked by Love. It’s lovely, and it’s designed to remind us that, as Lisa wrote on her website, “Some lives, though short, profoundly change the world and leave a mark on our hearts.”

Today I’m giving away Lisa’s necklace and a copy of Angie’s book, I Will Carry You. To enter, leave a comment telling about a book you’re looking forward to reading this spring OR about a piece of jewelry that means something special to you.

For an additional chance to win, follow Lisa on Twitter or follow me on Twitter.

And don’t forget to enter the other giveaways if you haven’t already! (Stuff Christians Like book and Point of Grace cookbook and CD)


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