Let me tell you something: the guy who wrote this song must not have had the spiritual gift of sweat like I do. Because I’m not sure “hot” and “fun” actually belong in the same sentence, to be honest.

But, summer is coming. And sweat or not, I’m determined to have fun.

[Do not bother to tell me that I glisten, because I do not, in fact, glisten. I sweat. Buckets of it. It’s not dewy. It’s not sexy like Ashley Judd in A Time to Kill. It’s just sweat.]

Last week, I told you my first five goals for the summer. You might think that I’m doing these in chronological order or, perhaps, order of importance.

But you’d be wrong.

They are actually in no order whatsoever. So if you’re thinking there’s some significance hidden in which activities got listed last week and which ones were left for this post, there’s not.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Anywho, in no particular order (as I may have mentioned), here are last week’s and this week’s summer fun plans.

[Because, really, who has to make “summer fun” a GOAL? Really.]

Iowa State Fair
Outdoor Theatre
Chalk Festival
City Market
Zoo and/or Deanna Rose Farmstead

Date Night in the Power & Light District – In the past few years, Kansas City has renovated our downtown area and created an incredible entertainment district.

And I don’t mean “entertainment district” like the kind you might find in, say, Las Vegas or New Orleans.

Nope, it’s just several blocks of restaurants and bars and theaters and stores. It’s really an amazing transformation, and we haven’t spent nearly enough time exploring and enjoying it. I plan to fix that this summer.

Try out one of the movie theater restaurants – The theater downtown and a theater closer to our house now offer a special, fancy way to watch a movie. You can eat and drink real food while you’re watching. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a weird way to do date night, stuffing your face while staring at a screen. But it’s different and it’s new, and I think we should try it.

Dierks Bentley concert – For the past two years, the Power and Light District has held free concerts throughout the summer. Two years ago, Smitty and I went to see Dierks Bentley, and it was soooo good! Mark wasn’t able to get off work that night, so our goal this year is to plan far enough in advance that he can take the night off and rock out to some free country music.

I’m also hoping to get a better spot this time; last time, Smitty and I were close to the stage – but even closer to a trash can. Eww.

Buy a baby pool – Did you think I’d totally forgotten about Annalyn? Of course not! I’m so excited to buy a baby pool for our backyard, so she can splash away all summer long.

Her first summer, she refused to sit up, so she couldn’t even sit in a couple inches of water by herself. Last summer, she was crawling like crazy but still not walking, so I didn’t let her play with her friends at the babysitter’s house.

This year, though, she’s moving all over the place and I feel perfectly safe plopping her down beside me in the water and starting a water war with big splashes! (I tell her she can only make “little splashes” in the bathtub, because I’m a mean mom who doesn’t like to mop up puddles on the bathroom floor.)

Picnics and BBQs – Last but not least, I’m hoping we can grill out and hang out as often as possible, with friends and family and anyone who will join us.

Who’s in? :)

Those are my big plans for the summer. We also have a few other things on the calendar, including a trip to Kansas for my cousin’s twins’ birthday party, a blogging conference in Colorado, a trip to Des Moines for a baby shower, play dates with our old babysitter and a former co-worker, and swapping work days with my parents’ to get some home improvements done at their house and ours.

Sounds like a full few months, doesn’t it? That’s the way I like it, but maybe now that I’ve made some specific plans for FUN, the season won’t fly by without us even having time to enjoy it!

What kind of plans do you have for this summer?

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