As I may have mentioned before, I don’t always feel like cooking dinner. Especially when Annalyn is in one of her “Pick me up, Mommy! Up! I want up!” moods. And that’s…pretty much every night I try to cook dinner.

So one night a few weeks ago, I decided to do something different. We drove through McDonald’s (“Chicken nuggets! I want chicken nuggets!”) and took the meal home.

I spread out a blanket and pulled our food out of the bags, and we had a picnic. Right there on the living room floor.

Annalyn didn’t quite understand what “picnic” meant. She kept pointing to various things – fries, bags, feet – and asking, “This a picnic? This a picnic, Mommy?”

But she understood that we were doing something different. Something fun. Something special for just the two of us.

How do you make the ordinary special?

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