Seriously. This heat is ridiculous. And I live in the middle of the country. I’m not in the actual South. I’m not gasping for air in the dry heat of the desert or the sopping wet humidity of the coast.

No. I’m just a girl in Missouri who’s dying of heat!

I told Mark today that this heat makes me mad. He said that’s dumb. Why get mad about something you can’t change? As one who just might have an issue with road rage, I’m not sure HE is the one who should be dispensing that advice.

But when he asked why I would be mad about the weather, I informed him that there is No. Reason. why I should be sweating at 7:45 in the morning. Or on the short walk from my car to my office. Or sitting in my chair at my desk.

I mean, really.

I didn’t think today’s post should only include my whining complaints about the day’s temperature, so I did a quick search for songs about heat. I don’t know what I thought that would add to the conversation.

Aside from Nelly’s logic that a warm room necessarily means one should shed her clothes, the song best fitting my state of mind was Glenn Frey’s The Heat is On.

Tell me can you feel it. Tell me can you feel it. Tell me can you feel it.

No, really. Tell me that you can feel this heat. Don’t be like my co-worker who said she wasn’t warm at all yesterday. For just a moment, I considered throwing my [sweaty] shoe at her.

Then I realized that was just the heat rage speaking.

Here’s the crazy part: it’s just June! It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

And I know it can be worse. The hottest I’ve been is a toss-up between Disney World in August (family vacation) and Las Vegas in July (convention for work). Oh yeah, there was also Tampa in July (convention for work).

How hot is it where you live? What’s the hottest you’ve ever been?


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