Does your kitchen ever look like this?

No, mine either. I staged this just for the purposes of getting a picture for my blog. Riiiiight…

Okay, so I may have mentioned a time or twenty that I don’t like to clean. Of course, that’s a ridiculous understatement. It’s like saying the Hatfields don’t like the McCoys. Or coyote doesn’t like the roadrunner. Or my husband doesn’t like Chinese food.

But I’ve decided that one part of our house that must be clean in order for me to not lose my mind: the kitchen.

Nine times out of 10, we enter the house through the garage. That means we walk right into the [open] space between the dining room and living room, with a direct view down the hallway – and into the kitchen.

If the kitchen is messy, cluttered with dirty dishes and half-empty packages, I feel like my whole life is out of control. The rest of the house could be picked up, but until the dishes are put away and the counters are wiped down, I feel out of sorts.

To a lesser extent (because I’ve built up a real immunity to its stress), this goes for the desk in our dining room, too. That’s where all The Paper goes. You know – mail, bills, invitations and other things that need to be filed or otherwise handled. 

If I ever have a day when both the kitchen is clean and the desk is cleared off, I’m in house heaven! All of a sudden, our home doesn’t seem quite so tiny and crowded. Birds sing. The sun shines. You know the feeling, right? A clean kitchen (and desk!) works for me.

What [completed] chore makes you feel like all is right with the world?

This post was inspired by It’s Come 2 This, and it will be linked to Works for Me Wednesday.


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