I’m going to a visitation tonight. My cousin’s wife’s mom died. When I told Chelley about that, she asked if the relation was as distant as it sounded. It’s not. I’m really close to my cousins.

Over the weekend, I read a blog post that made me cry. I found out that my friend Sara’s dad had died unexpectedly. Because of her health, she can’t leave her home to go to his funeral. As a matter of fact, thinking about it now is making me cry, too.

Funerals are always hard. I know; I’ve been to a lot.

The first funeral I remember was for my godmother, Grandma King. Someone sang “How Great Thou Art,” and I cried. I was embarrassed, so I blamed it on that person’s singing. But I was actually just sad.

I’ve been to funerals for my grandpa, my granddad, my aunt, my friend Carrie, Mark’s grandpa, my granny, Mark’s mom, my cousin’s grandpa, Mark’s grandma, my uncle – and I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some.

I’m feeling sad today, too, but not for myself. I’m sad for the people I care about who’ve lost someone they care about . . . and I’m sad that I can’t do anything to ease their sadness.

Have you been to many funerals? How do you help friends and family who are grieving?


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