I am tired.
I’m sleepy. Drooping. Pooped.
Ugh! I’m exhausted.

I don’t know a better way to say it, but I am dragging today. For the past 10 days or so, I have consistently deprived myself of sleep.

The first night of Savvy Blogging Summit, my roommates and I suffered from some altitude sickness. That meant pounding headaches that kept us from resting and even prompted us to get up before our alarm went off! The next night, I must have had too much to think about and process, because try as I might (and I might), I couldn’t fall asleep.

Two nights of about three hours sleep each is not my usual schedule. For various reasons (namely, trying to get more done than I had time for), I didn’t get to “catch up” on my rest last week. And then over the weekend, I went out of town to visit friends.

Chelley and I stayed up late talking both nights – but Annalyn got up at her normal early hour.

So today, I am beat. Wiped out. Done.

I’m scrambling to catch up on a work project, trying to finish not too far past my deadline. But my eyes are blurring and my head is spinning and I’m not sure I’m going to make it. (And have I mentioned how fabulous I don’t look right now? Dull skin and droopy bags do nothing for my appearance. Nothing!)

Do you ever do this to yourself? Stay up late too many nights, trying to fit it all in, scared you’ll miss something?

And what about the theory that you can catch up on sleep? Do you think it’s possible? How about when you work full-time or have children or anything on your proverbial plate at all – is it possible then?

I had great plans for today’s blog post, but all I can think about is sleep. And my lack of it. And how I need it. And want it.

Apparently I’m going through withdrawal.

Good night.

[I’m kidding. I’m going back to work now. Not napping. But I sure wish I could…]

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