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A couple months ago my best friend planned her sister’s wedding shower. One night, we were talking about icebreakers and she said she wanted to do Famous Pairs. Immediately I knew she meant the game where each person gets one half of a famous pair attached to her back and then tries to find her match.

However, me being me, I assumed she meant Famous TV {or Movie} Pairs. Not exactly. She had been thinking of pairs such as peanut butter and jelly, washer and dryer, or thunder and lightning.

That’s when my brain really started churning. Maybe my friend’s sister wouldn’t necessarily want a TV-Themed Wedding {or Baby} Shower, but I bet others would! And once I started thinking about it, I realized that – depending on the guest of honor’s preferences and interests – you could go with a general TV theme, a retro TV theme or a specific TV show theme. The possibilities are endless!

Ideas for a TV-Themed Wedding Shower

Invitation: I found several fun cards that could easily be adapted for a wedding or baby shower. Or, you could always create one yourself (or enlist a graphic designer or scrapbooking friend)! Check out these invites/cards: Brady Bunch theme, Mad Men theme, movie clapper design, retro TV, another retro TV, simple TV stamp, orange scrapbook-style card and green scrapbook-style card.

Food: I love the idea of those TV dinner cupcakes up above (based on a recipe from Hello, Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson)! It took a while, but I finally found a good tutorial on You could also serve different flavors of popcorn, or for a specific show theme, you could serve food featured on that show. For example, grapes or wine for an I Love Lucy shower, or paninis for a The Office shower (remember when Michael burned his foot on a panini press/indoor grill?!).

Decor: Decorations will really depend on your specific theme – lots of black and white for a retro theme, or show-specific decor for a show-specific party! Placing TV Guide or other entertainment magazines, old remotes or VHS tapes would be a fun way to spruce up your shower. Another simple idea is to create a multi-colored streamer backdrop to look like the test pattern color bars.

Games: This is the most fun part! You can adapt most traditional shower games for a TV theme. The clothes pin game’s “forbidden phrase” could be as simple as “TV” or as complicated as famous phrases from certain shows. You could play pictionary or charades with all TV-themed words (characters, show titles, show locations, etc. for a specific show or “DVR,” “remote,” etc. for a generic theme). Another game for a wedding shower would be “Dream Husband,” where everyone writes down their dream TV husband and puts their entry into a bowl. Then the bride has to guess who wrote down each fictional spouse! And, of course, matching up TV husbands and wives (or TV parents and kids) would make a good icebreaker or trivia game.

Gifts & Party Favors: Of course every bride and mother just wants her guests to purchase the items on her registry. But, if you also wanted to give her a few TV-themed gifts, here are some ideas. TV trays, a remote caddy, or a subscription to TV Guide or other entertainment magazines would all be good for a wedding shower. You could also look for (or make!) home- or nursery – decor with the As Seen on TV logo, specific show logos, or the test pattern color bar. (I found this pillow on Etsy, and I also think a shower curtain with the test pattern would be super cute!)

And just look at those adorable TV-themed onesies! You could also give cute TV jewelry as gifts or even party favors, like this TV necklace, this TV dinner Scrabble tile pendant or this TV pin.

All this brainstorming is making me want to get married again – or have another baby – just so I could have my very own TV-themed shower!

Would you ever be interested in hosting or attending a TV-themed wedding or baby shower? Or have you already done just that??

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