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Alternative Title: Reason #37 I Need a DVR and Now

All right, I think I have this thing figured out. If I cut my nights down to four hours of sleep and move teeth-brushing and laundry-folding to the daily car ride to preschool, I might be able to squeeze in all the shows I want to watch!

Okay, so maybe those aren’t great ideas – or even possible – but I’m telling you: This fall has a lot of TV going on!

If you noticed that I mentioned not having a DVR up there, well, I guess we should address it. No, I do not have a DVR. Yes, I do use my 22-year-old VCR. Daily. And yes – for those of you who are concerned – I do have a plan in place to get myself a DVR very soon.

Now that we have THAT out of the way, let’s talk TV schedules! If you haven’t made yours yet, what are you waiting for?! Get online and get to work! TV Line has a Fall TV Grid and Printable Premier Calendar that could help you. Or, you might try using TV Guide’s Fall TV Schedule and Fall Premiere Schedule to get organized.

My Fall 2011 TV Schedule

Since when do I have shows on every single night? Since now. Sunday night is family night, so I’ll record all the shows I want to watch. The tricky part will be figuring out WHEN to watch them!

7:00 pm Once Upon a Time (ABC, premiere 10/23)
8:00 pm The Good Wife (CBS, premiere 9/25)
9:00 pm Pan Am (ABC, premiere 9/25)
9:00 pm Against the Wall (Lifetime)

I’m not sure how long Against the Wall will be on, and I’ll watch this one online. Probably during naptime on Monday. (What? I like it a lot!)

I think this will be a good, solid TV night – but not too crowded. In short, it will be a good night to fold laundry. Which works out, since my new cleaning schedule (yes, cleaning schedule) calls for major laundry doing on Mondays.

7:00 pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS, premiere 9/19)
7:30 pm 2 Broke Girls (CBS, premiere 9/19)
7:00 pm Terra Nova (FOX, premiere 9/26)
8:00 pm Warehouse 13 (SyFy, finale 10/3)
9:00 pm Castle (ABC, premiere 9/19)

Once Warehouse 13 is over for the season, I’ll tape HIMYM (and probably 2 Broke Girls) and watch them at 8:00. My daughter doesn’t go to bed until then, and I have a strict no-grownup-TV-when-the-kid-is-awake rule. Castle is one of my favorites, so there’s no way I can wait to watch it. But Terra Nova will have to be viewed online, and – just being honest – probably only until I see what the big deal is and then get bored.

Oh my gosh, why do I not have a DVR?! Tuesday nights are out of control! Here’s my lineup:

7:00 pm NCIS (CBS, premiere 9/20)
7:00 pm Glee (FOX, premiere 9/20)
8:00 pm New Girl (FOX, premiere 9/20)
8:00 pm Ringer (CW, premiere 9/13)
9:00 pm Unforgettable (CBS, premiere 9/20)
9:00 pm Parenthood (NBC, premiere 9/13)
9:00 pm Covert Affairs (USA, premiere 11/1)

My strategy for now is to tape NCIS and watch it at 8. I’ll watch Glee and New Girl online the next day. (Or, I’ll watch New Girl the next day and Glee whenever I get around to it, if Glee is as inconsistent and not-so-awesome as it was last year.) Then I’ll watch Unforgettable and possibly tape Parenthood for later. And when Covert Affairs is on, I might tape it on its second running (probably a couple hours later that night).

I have no idea when (if???) I’ll watch Ringer, since I only realized later that I hadn’t put it in my original schedule!

Whew! Good thing Wednesday is a little lighter!

I will not get sucked into X Factor. I will not get sucked into X Factor. I will not . . .

We’ll see. For now, it’s sitcoms all the way for me on Wednesday nights.

7:00 pm Up All Night (NBC, premiere 9/14)
7:30 pm Suburgatory (ABC, premiere 9/28)
8:00 pm Modern Family (ABC, premiere 9/21)
8:30 pm Happy Endings (ABC, premiere 9/28)
9:00 pm Psych (USA, premiere 10/12)

The plan, for now, is to tape the first two and watch them during the 9 o’clock hour (yes, “o’clock”). Then I’ll tape Psych when it plays later. If USA changes their pattern of playing their shows repeatedly, I am in trouble.

So. Much. Good. TV. So. Little. Time.

7:00 pm Big Bang Theory (CBS, premiere 9/22)
7:00 pm Community (NBC, premiere 9/22)
7:30 pm Parks & Recreation (NBC, premiere 9/22)
8:00 pm The Office (NBC, premiere 9/22)
8:00 pm Bones (FOX, premiere 11/3)
9:00 pm Burn Notice (USA, finale 9/8, premiere 11/3)

First off, I’m taping Burn Notice later to watch later. And I think I’ll have to watch all the half-hour sitcoms online the next day. That’s because I’ll watch Bones live and tape it for my husband to watch over the weekend.

Traditionally, I haven’t watched anything on Friday nights. Because I’m so busy, socially. You know. Eating tacos with my best friend and stalking our high school classmates on Facebook? Right. I’ll still be doing that this fall. But I’ll also add “Tape Chuck (NBC, premiere 10/21)” to the excitement.

And speaking of excitement – or my undying devotion to The Very Best in TV – I’ll re-watch some of these shows over the weekend with my husband. That’s right. Castle, NCIS, Psych, Bones and Burn Notice will all get a second viewing!

Do not even ask me what I’m going to do when 30 Rock and Cougar Town return and the mid-season shows debut!

Now, tell me: What does your TV schedule look like for this fall?

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