Did you watch the final four dance their tails off last night?

I have to admit that I have not watched every episode this season. And THAT is a fact that makes me so sad. I wasn’t about to miss the finale, though. I mean, what kind of fan would that make me?

[I know. I already confessed to missing some of the episodes. Just ignore that, if you will. Or cut me some TV fan slack. Or something.]

Before we get to the dancers, though, let’s talk about the judges. Katie Holmes and Kenny Ortega were on deck to help Nigel and Mary sway the audience’s vote critique the dancers tonight. I didn’t know Katie Holmes was a dancer until a couple years ago, when she danced on the 100th episode of SYTYCD. Apparently she founded the Dizzy Feet Foundation with Nigel (along with Adam Shankman and Carrie Ann Inaba).

Kenny Ortega, on the other hand, has a dance resume that I am much more familiar with. AHEM. I am talking about Dirty Dancing (and Newsies!), not High School Musical.

Although I suppose he’s quite famous for that, too.

This week Mr. Ortega is a trending topic for another reason, though. (Funny how the guest judges on SYTYCD always have a new project to chat about…) Just two days ago, this horrifying new story broke, causing Dirty Dancing fans everywhere to shake their fists at the sky and scream, “Whyyyyyy?”

Okay, I suppose I can’t speak for everyone here. But a remake of Dirty Dancing, even if directed by Kenny Ortega, is NOT appealing to me.

[What do you think? Vote in the poll in my sidebar!]

Now, on to the dancers. I really can’t believe just HOW MUCH they dance in these finales. Those kids must be completely exhausted. And yet…they still danced beautifully.

My two main thoughts: First of all, choreography can really make or break a dancer’s chances, and I wish they’d do a better job of controlling that. Personally, I thought the gumboot stomping was ridiculous (not the style, just this interpretation of it) and it reminded me of the Russian folk dance from a few seasons ago.

My second thought is the same thought I’ve had all season. Melanie is an incredible dancer, and she is by far my favorite of the season! She seems like a sweet person, but more importantly (as it relates to the competition), I cannot take my eyes off the screen when she’s dancing. She is captivating.

What did you think? Did you vote? Who’s YOUR favorite dancer?


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