Yes, I still watch commercials. I record shows with my VCR and watch shows live and leave the TV on for longer than I should late at night.

Yes, I realize the wonder and beauty and magic of this thing called a DVR. And I understand it allows one to completely skip commercials.

But here’s the thing: Even if – I mean when. WHEN! – I get a DVR, I will still watch commercials. Because I love commercials.

I’ve worked in advertising, and communication with the intention to influence or convince is sort of my thang. So commercials are interesting to me. Plus, sometimes they’re Really. Good.

I love this commercial for Subaru. And I’m not alone. One of the comments on the YouTube page says, “This 30-second commercial is better than most sappy love movies these days. Good job, Subaru.” (Correct punctuation my own.)

How do you feel about commercials? And what do you think about this one in particular?

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