Considering the earliest TV show I remember watching regularly on my own accord (as opposed to watching with my parents and little brother) is Matlock, it’s safe to say that cute boys were not always a motivator for my television habits.

However, they certainly played a factor.

Early on I thought Michael J. Fox – a.k.a., Alex P. Keaton and Marty McFly – was cutest thing. Little did I know he was so . . . little (while I spent many years as one of the tallest girls in my grade).

And of course I was quite enamored with Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains. Although, for the record, I thought the young, troubled Leonardo DiCaprio was cute, too – well before his days on the Titanic!

As I grew up I endured much teasing from my friends for a ridiculous crush on Joey Lawrence. I know, I know. And yes, I remember his song. *shudder* But even his famous, stupid catchphrase from Blossom, “Whoa!” didn’t deter me. Not one bit. And, truth be told, I still think he’s cute . . . and even watch his terrible show on ABC Family.

No list of childhood crushes could be complete without bringing up the quintessential teen show, Saved By the Bell. Let’s see a show of hands. Who was Team Zack? And who was Team Slater?

I was never firmly in one camp, preferring instead to take it one cheesy episode at a time. Now that I’m hooked on Mark-Paul Gosselar’s new show, Franklin & Bash, though. . . I believe Zack has finally won. Don’t worry, Slater. You’ll always have Jessie.

Last, but certainly not least, my most intense and longest-lasting crush was Superman himself. Before Dean Cain graduated to TV movies, he was the hunky (yes, hunky, get over it) star of Lois and Clark, my favorite show in high school. The only time I actually tore a poster out of a magazine and stuck it in my locker was a full-page of Dean Cain in a black t-shirt. Yes. It was very similar to that little photo up there, thanks for noticing.

Of course, he’s most recently played creepy [alleged] wife killer, Scott Peterson, so that pretty much turns a girl off for good.

All right, that rounds out my biggest childhood crushes. [Unless we include the days of Dawson’s Creek and then we’d have to reopen the Dawson vs. Pacey debate, and hasn’t that been done, already?] So, let’s just call that good and move onto the more interesting question:

Who were YOUR childhood TV crushes?

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