If a new show has been promoted to the nth degree this year, it is Up All Night. From commercials to website wraps to four-page features in my parenting magazines, this one has been building expectations for months now.

Soooo . . . big surprise that last night’s premiere was just . . . MEH. It was funny, sure. But I felt like I’d actually seen the ENTIRE episode in the promos. And Maya Rudolph’s character? Crazy annoying.

But I really, REALLY want to like this show. First of all, Will Arnett and Christina Applegate are hilarious and need a good show.

And second of all, the premise of honestly overwhelmed parents of a newborn, one a working mom and one a stay-at-home dad, is extremely appealing to me. My husband worked full-time after our daughter was born, but his schedule allowed him to stay home with her during part of my working day. And we definitely had some of the same conversations the Up All Night characters had, including the one that started with, “Are we dead?”

So, I’ll give it a few weeks. Because I really want it to work. But last night was NOT awesome.

Free Agents, though, is another story altogether.

Yes, if someone wants a show about people working in a PR agency to work, it’s me, a former PR professional. However, I’m not so desperate for a show about PR that I’ll watch something so . . . wretched.

Free Agents is about two damaged co-workers who sleep together. And it is awkward and painful – and not in a good, Michael Scott sort of way.

Did you watch these new shows? What did you think?


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