We’re almost there. The fall 2011 television season is almost upon us. YAY!!!

{Too much? Okay, fine. yay.}

I’ve already told you about the new shows I’m looking forward to watching. But let’s not forget the returning shows. Those are the ones I’m most excited about!

But before we watch the season premieres, we’d better take a look back at the finales to make sure we remember where we left off. And by “we,” of course I mean “I.” Because I’m sure you all remember just fine. Just in case…

Chuck: We only have 13 episodes left of my favorite show, and I am trying to be okay with that. Just like I’m trying to be okay with how last season ended – with Morgan getting the Intersect. *sigh* I just don’t know about this, but I’ll hang in there. I mean, it’s Chuck! Like I’m going to stop watching? NEVER.

Castle: Detective Beckett was shot! Castle said he loves her! What on earth is going to happen? I just told my husband the other day that this is becoming one of my very favorite shows. I can’t WAIT until it comes back.

NCIS: Tony is going undercover to investigate . . . who? I’m not sure. But I’m sure it will be good.

Bones: In what was BY FAR the most annoying ending of the season (a season that included Morgan getting the Intersect, remember), Bones is pregnant, and it’s Booth’s baby. And, apparently, when the season finally starts in November, she’ll already have the baby. Or something like that. Consider me thoroughly annoyed.

How I Met Your Mother: In a twist that nobody saw coming, Barney is getting married. Possibly to Robin. Or not. Here’s hoping we find out sooner than who the mother is.

Cougar Town: Jules and Grayson may be taking a break. Or having a child. Or just drinking a lot of wine and playing Penny Can. Honestly, I’m happy no matter what. I have no expectations for this show, and it consistently makes me smile. So, I’m good with whatever.

The Office: Michael left. It was sad and sweet and perfect. Do we really have to come back for another season?

Community: Shirley had a baby, Chang is not the father, and Pearce is threatening to leave the group. Again. I didn’t love the last season of Community as much as the first one, but it still cracks me up. So I’m up for another season of pop culture references and weird, theme episodes.

That doesn’t cover Glee, Big Bang Theory or 30 Rock. Mainly because I didn’t watch them as faithfully as I wanted and partly because I don’t quite remember their finales.

For more “where we left of” summaries, check out this TV Guide photo gallery.

Tell me: What returning shows are you most excited about, and where did they leave off in the finales?


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