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She heard me say that I lose my patience and my temper much too often — and that my daughter knows the words to more pop songs than I’d like, and that I know which fast food restaurants have the best toys. She heard me admit those things and her response, unspoken at first, was palpable.

She was relieved.

I don’t know if this new friend struggles with her temper or cooking dinner Every Single Night, but I know she’s real. I know she’s not perfect, that she’s human — just like me. I know because I saw it on her face, but more importantly, I know because she told me.

She said, “Me, too.”

And just like that, with two little words, a connection was made and two women were incredibly encouraged. She was encouraged to hear someone else confess the shortcomings she saw in her own life, the struggles she faced every day. And I was encouraged (and relieved!) to hear someone else admit that I wasn’t the only one both imperfect enough to fall short in these ways and brave enough to say so out loud.

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