I'm Not Sorry My House Isn't Clean

I’m not saying I haven’t EVER cleaned my house. Good grief, some weeks I feel like that’s all I do! But mostly, I feel like I hate cleaning, and when I clean it doesn’t last, so why bother?

I do love having a clean house (on the rare occasion it happens), though. And, actually, I function better when I have a clean house. Not to mention I’m teaching my girls good habits when we keep a clean house together.

(Fine. Together-ish. When “together” means I tell them to put things up 17 times before they do it, but doggone it, they did it! Woohoo!)

But these days – living in close quarters with two kids and two cats, a shortage of storage space, and a life and schedule just as busy as the next family’s – my house is almost always pretty messy. I keep trying to get on top of the chores, and I keep falling short.

And apologizing for it. Of course.

The thing is: I really do feel bad about the days when dirty dishes take over the kitchen counters or the living room floor starts crunching when we walk across it. (Oh, hello, Goldfish crumbs and forgotten Cheerios! You are truly the bane of my existence.) But I also know that somebody is always sleeping in this house – kids at night and Mark during the day, and that makes noisy chores like vacuuming and dishes hard to do in a small house.

So I feel kind of stuck in a messy house situation right now. And while I’m going to keep trying to get it together and stay on top of things (Nobody wants to feel like they live in a frat house. NOBODY.), I’m going to stop apologizing for it.

Especially since, when you come to my house, I have – at the very least – picked up and wiped up and stacked up All The Things. I’m going to just assume that, as long as I have clean spaces for you to sit, swipe the bathroom with some Clorox or Lysol products, and light a nice candle, you’re just fine here.

Life is messy in this season – and so is my house. I’ll keep trying to clean it up, but I’m not going to apologize for it anymore.

Do you ever feel like you should apologize for your house?

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