I'm Not Sorry My Family is a Little Spicy | a #write31days post at givinguponperfect.com

One of the most encouraging blog posts I’ve ever read was, “Hope for Spicy Families,” by Jen Hatmaker. She says about her crew: “We are a spicy people. We love obnoxious humor and sarcasm and we are very, very loud. The lot of us suffers from Big Feelings About All The Things, which makes us a passionate, emotional bunch.”

And then she goes on to say why all of that is okay.

I’ve read that post at least 10 times, because I need to hear it that often (or more). My family is also spicy, obnoxious, loud and sarcastic. And except for the occasions on which I have a headache and desperately long for a sweet, quiet bunch, I’m okay with it.

This is who we are. It’s not who I thought we’d be. It’s not who people in my life wish we were. But it’s who we are – and I love us.

So, we’re spicy. Deal with it.

Are you a little more spicy than sweet? What about your family?

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