This year has been a hard one.

People have taken sides on every issue under the sun, armed themselves with opinions and rights and offenses and wrongs, and proceeded to hurl word-grenades at each other, one after another, until the air has become so thick with anger and frustration that we can barely see who we’re fighting.

Even in the best season it can be easy to get so worked up over a slight or injury that we forget the person on the other side of our pointed words and well-crafted criticisms is human, too. I know this happens to me — and not just in an election year, not just over issues that some say define our society and determine our future.

Nope, I can go from zero to WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? in the very short time it takes me to back out of my driveway and enter traffic. From the highway to the grocery store to the school pick-up line to the social media site, I begin feeling like I’m a magnet for all the worst people on the planet.

And don’t even get me started on my family members who can’t turn off a light or rinse a dish or put their shoes in the spot for shoes.

That’s when this girl needs a timeout.

I’m sharing the rest of this excerpt of FAST TALK & FAITH at (in)courage today. Click here to read the rest of Day Three’s devotion — and click here to learn more about my brand-new Gilmore Girls-inspired devotion!

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