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A few years ago we changed cable companies to get a better deal. Or faster internet service. Or something. I don’t remember our motivation for making the switch; I just remember my shock and dismay upon realizing we no longer had the Hallmark Channel.


How was I supposed to properly celebrate the holidays without my beloved Hallmark movies?!? It was a dilemma. I filled the holiday TV movie gap that season with Lifetime and ABC Family, but it wasn’t quite the same. So if you are facing a long holiday season without the abundance of holiday movies that Hallmark brings us, I feel your pain.

And! I’m here to help.

Usually when we talk about all the many (MANY) options currently available for entertainment, we talk about how overwhelming it is. Don’t get me wrong — IT IS. Nobody can possibly watch all the great TV shows and movies, read all the great books, or listen to all the great music that’s out there. it’s impossible! But the upside is that when your access to one of your favorite services or channels is restricted, you still have a whole lot of ways to get your fix.

So, for those of you who are living without the Hallmark Channel this year, here are a few ways you can get your holiday TV movie fix.

1. Lifetime Movies: They might not have started counting down in July, but the Lifetime channel isn’t giving up the Christmas movie game completely. They’re airing six original movies this year, starting Thanksgiving weekend. You can read about all six (and see previews for two of them) here.

2. Netflix: Not only does Netflix have tons of our favorite holiday television movies available for streaming (oh, hello, Christmas Kiss, 12 Dates of Christmas, Christmas Crush, and A Holiday Engagement!), it’s releasing a brand-new movie on November 17. A Christmas Prince stars Rose McIver of iZombie and looks as unrealistic, predictable AND ADORABLE as all the other TV movies about royalty. You can see a preview here.

3. Amazon Prime: If you want some television movies of your own, Amazon has quite a few to offer. Even better, they have some collections so you get several movies at once! You can also find a few streaming (for free, if you have Prime), like Falling for Christmas.

4. Hallmark Movies Now: Did you know Hallmark has an app? It sure does. For just a few dollars a month (and I believe there’s a 14-day free trial), you can have access to dozens of Hallmark movies — no matter what kind of cable package you have. So far I don’t see the newest holiday movies on there, but lots of great ones (and plenty I haven’t seen before).

5. Freeform: Formerly known as ABC Family, Freeform celebrates with 25 Days of Christmas. I don’t know that we’ll see any new holiday movies, but they have the classics in heavy rotation. If you’re looking for Home Alone, Elf, or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, this is your place. You can see the whole holiday schedule here.

6. UP: I thought I had all the new holiday movies on my list and my DVR — and then yesterday I stumbled upon FIVE MORE NEW MOVIES! What??? Yes, that’s right. UPTV has already aired two new movies (but don’t you worry: they will certainly be on again) and three more are coming up. You can see this station’s schedule here.

If you’ve been jonesing for some holiday cheer in the form of TV movies, I hope this gets you through. I’d hate for anyone to go a whole holiday season without their Christmas movie fix!

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What’s your favorite way to watch Christmas movies?

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