Just look at Ron. He’s so happy there, with his bacon and his booze and his gigantic headphones! This is basically how happy my husband is about the world of podcasts, to which he’s just recently been introduced.

By me.

Yes, I’m taking credit because for years I’ve said, “Hey, why don’t you listen to books on tape? Have you thought about listening to podcasts? Why don’t you listen to podcasts?” He’s an overnight truckdriver, and while I understand he’s a trillion times better at driving without falling asleep than I am (obviously. thankfully.), I still don’t know how he makes it with only music or *shudder* silence.

Finally, he took me up on my offer to set him up with a podcast app and some subscriptions — and he’s so happy he can hardly contain himself.

Okay, FINE, maybe that’s just my interpretation of things, but he IS enjoying podcasts a whole lot. And, as I wrote over on MomAdvice.com, it IS reinvigorating our relationship by giving us all sorts of things to talk about (that don’t involve our children, our house, our calendar, or our budget). I call that win-win, and I want to share this win with you!

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