In the spirit of March Madness, tournament brackets, and being forever hooked on Hallmark movies, my friend Anna and I decided to come clean about what really makes us watch a TV movie. On this week’s episode of The Couch (my podcast, if you haven’t heard…), we confess that it’s almost always the actors in a movie that decide whether or not we tune in or not.

Brace yourselves, friends, because we get brutally honest about which actresses make us irrationally angry and which actors need a hair-related intervention before starring in another movie.

Of course, we are ride-or-die for our favorites (and don’t EVEN come at us about the ones we don’t like) — but still. We are dying to know who YOUR favorites (or least favorites) are! So, download your own brackets here to choose YOUR favorite Hallmark (or Lifetime) actors and actresses!


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And here are a few more details about this episode:




Welcome to The Couch!


Download the episode here or listen by clicking below.

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