The Couch: Conversations About Pop Culture & Why It Matters

It is a truth universally acknowledged that finding out your favorite show is being cancelled too soon is THE WORST for a TV fan. Right? That’s why, we’re kicking off a new series about short-lived TV shows by discussing one of the most beloved gone-too-soon shows, My So-Called Life.

My friend Kristin and I are the exact same age but while I somehow missed this cultural phenomenon, Kristin did not. And she’s still sad that it didn’t last longer. Listen as we deep dive into the show, as well as cover a few other short-lived shows we still miss.

And if you’re in the mood to binge a good, short-lived show, don’t miss this guide we made for you. Click here for your free copy of Short-Lived Shows for Every Season.




Welcome to The Couch!

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