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Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more awkward… Get ready to hear me trip over my tongue and my good intentions as I decide to ask my friend Niki, who happens to be British but really, truly is SO MUCH MORE (like, I don’t call her “my British friend,” okay? She is funny and wise and a wife and mom and NOT JUST BRITISH, all right?) to talk to me about the upcoming Downton Abbey movie. You know, the British one.

Thankfully, Niki is not only kind and gracious, but also a huge fan of Downton Abbey, and we had a blast talking about everything we remember from the show and everything we’ve heard about the movie. I’m not going to say we decided to keep calm and podcast on after I stuck my foot in my mouth over and over, but, basically, we did. After that description, I’m sure you cannot wait for this one, so take a listen!




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