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Somehow it is already fall, even though it’s still a thousand degrees at a lot of places. So my friend Dawn Camp, who is the biggest movie-goer I know, and I sat down and talked through all the movies coming out this fall.

Just for you, we watched every single trailer we could find and then picked the movies we think we’ll go see and the movies you might like, too. We also take a quick look back at our summer movie picks to see what we got right and what we did not. What movies are you looking forward to seeing between now and Christmas? Did we pick the same ones? We’ll find out!

(And FYI, the links below go to trailers for each movie. And just because we mentioned a movie does not mean we gave it a thumbs up. Listen to hear our picks!)



  • Listening to the Beatles on repeat
  • Going to the movies alone


Welcome to The Couch!

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