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If punching the clock has you down, a workplace comedy might be just the thing to give you relief from the mundane and even help you appreciate the ordinary. Or, you know, it might just help you laugh at the ridiculousness that is work life.

When my friend and former co-worker Grace and I first met, online, on the job, we didn’t know much about each other. But the moment we discovered our mutual love of Parks and Recreation (and The Office, too, of course), we knew our friendship was meant to be. Clearly, we got each other. We were each other’s kind of people.

As we chat this week, you’ll get to hear me try to convince Grace to branch out to other workplace comedies. And we’ll debate what defines a workplace comedy in the first place. What IS Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Is it a workplace comedy? A cop show? Who knows? Well, maybe we do. You’ll have to listen to find out.



  • Starbuck’s nitro cold brew with sweet cream
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Returning unread library books


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