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This week, I had the best time talking with my friend Alana about babies and births in pop culture. Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday, and since her birth was a bit, shall we say, dramatic, I thought it would be appropriate to mark this occasion with a look at the even more dramatic births in TV shows and movies. Alana and I attempted to give the babies and the births a thumbs up or thumbs down, but mostly we just talk about which ones are realistic, which ones made us cry, and whether or not a baby or birth can flat-out ruin a good show.

Side note: We did stick to human births, so if you were hoping to hear about aliens or dragons or evil spirits, well, that is another show altogether. For now, for us, we’re talking human babies and all the ways they’re portrayed in pop culture. Enjoy!



  • Alana just introduced her daughters to Chuck, and of course they loved it.
  • I suggested Psych would be another show they might like.
  • I’m not watching everything in this new TV season, possibly quitting A Million Little Things and God Friended Me (even though I liked their first seasons a lot!).
  • And while I loved the pilot of Stumptown, I am not feeling it with The Unicorn.


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