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HEAD’S UP: This episode was recorded (with my friend and friend of the show, Alana Dawson) before we knew much about COVID-19 and before we were all social distancing and shelter-in-place-ing.

I thought about not releasing this one, but though the conversation may seem out of touch (I’m not seeing any movies in the theater right now, for example.), my hope is that it will also be helpful — either as a brief distraction or as a list of things you might read or watch during this difficult season. As always, I’m your gal for lists of “comfort food” books, movies, TV shows, and more.

This episode (Ask the Couch, volume 3, where I take your burning pop culture questions) was already planned as the final one of season three. I’m working on a writing project that is going to take up the majority of my time (even before the addition of helping my kids with distance learning!) for the next several weeks.

I hope to be back on the air and in your earbuds soon. Please, please keep in touch with me and our Couch Community in our Facebook group. In the meantime, here’s  a real long list of things we mentioned in this episode:



Thanks for listening. Can’t wait to chat with you again soon!

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