When I heard Netflix was releasing another new romantic comedy this spring, I was excited. I haven’t loved every Netflix Original I’ve watched, but they’ve had several that are on my list of favorites. Set It Up is a good one, Always Be My Baby is fantastic, and do we even need to talk about To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before?

(I’m kidding. We can ALWAYS talk about To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.)

So, obviously, I watched the newest Netflix Original as soon as I could. With friends. And snacks. I was all set for the ultimate movie night at home–and it was! A few friends joined me via Netflix Party, and we chatted all through watching Love Wedding Repeat.

Love Wedding Repeat stars Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, and some other people. It’s basically the Groundhog Day of wedding movies, as we see several possible ways (all of them crazy) a wedding reception could go, based on seating arrangements. It has some funny moments, but I didn’t really care about any of the characters. I wasn’t rooting for anyone (except the poor, awkward guy in a kilt…maybe).

The movie was a bust (though the movie night was still a blast).

In case you, too, were disappointed by this latest romantic comedy effort by Netflix–or you’re just craving a good wedding movie, here are a few I’d recommend watching instead of Love Wedding Repeat.

Ali’s Wedding: This movie is so sweet! It is not strictly about a wedding, but weddings are involved. The son of a Muslim cleric gets himself in a whole lot of trouble when he is caught between family duty and love. This look at a vibrant Muslim community in Australia was so interesting to me, making this one of my favorite watches so far this year! And this Netflix Original is based on a true story, too.

Bride & Prejudice: I did not know what to expect with this movie, but what I got was so much fun! Take a fairly strict retelling of the Jane Austen story, set it in rural India, and add a whole lot of Bollywood singing and dancing. And that? Is this movie. It’s sweet and funny and, for me, interesting to see this story played out in a different culture. Stream for free on Amazon Prime with a Passionflix trial.

One Small Hitch: A young woman and her older brother’s childhood friend fake an engagement to make his dying father happy. Of course, one “innocent” lie gets out of hand and things (and feelings) go awry. This movie is full of cliches, but it’s also really cute! I’ve watched it multiple times. Stream for free with Amazon Prime.

Our Family Wedding: Okay, this one is complicated. The bride- and groom-to-be are darling. They have legitimate issues to work through and do it in a loving but [fairly] realistic way. But the whole premise of this movie is that their dads don’t get along because one family is African-American and one family is Mexican-American. And this so-called culture clash is played for outrageous laughs–but it’s not funny. It’s over the top and eye-roll inducing. But the families on their own? And the couple? I really, really liked. So, give it a try–but let me know what you think! Rent on Amazon Prime.

Plus One: Longtime single friends decide to be each other’s “plus one” at a slew of weddings one summer. Of course emotional hijinks ensue, but this movie is a little deeper and definitely more real than I expected. Smart, funny, and a little edgy, it’s a good one to add to your queue! It is rated R for language and one sex scene. Stream it on Hulu.

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement: Just hear me out! I know it’s marketed as a children’s movie. And it’s Disney and a sequel and oh my gosh, about a PRINCESS. This is all true. But also? It is really cute. Funny and 100% enjoyable. Try it for yourself and rent it on Amazon Prime.

Table 19: When a woman is dumped by her best friend’s boyfriend, she also loses her role as maid of honor at that friend’s wedding. She decides to attend anyway and finds herself at a table of misfits in the back. I hadn’t heard of this until I watched it on a plane, but I was glad I did! Funny and cute. You can rent this one on Amazon Prime.

The Decoy Bride: An actress plans her wedding on a remote Scottish island, but the paparazzi find out. So, obviously, she needs to hire a local woman to be a decoy bride. And, of course, nothing about this complicates matters with the groom. You might see where this is going, but the movie is still lovely! Stream for free on Amazon Prime with an IFC Films Unlimited trial.

The Wedding Year: Two twenty-somethings begin dating and really click. Then they realize that, between the two of them, they’re invited to more than a dozen weddings over the next year. Can their new relationship stand the test of the wedding year? FYI, this one’s rated R for language and drug use. Stream for free with Amazon Prime.

And, of course, you can always go with one of the classics. Depending on what Hulu package you have, you can stream The Wedding Planner (with Hulu Live TV), Sweet Home Alabama (with Hulu Live TV), The Proposal, Mamma Mia (with Starz add-on), My Big Fat Greek Wedding (with HBO add-on), and The Wedding Singer (with Hulu Live TV) for free.

Or you can rent them — and lots of others — on Amazon Prime. I’ve collected 25 wedding movies in one spot for you here.

What’s your favorite wedding movie?

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