You know who doesn’t get enough love in the world of streaming? Hulu. Everyone’s always going on and on about Netflix, and then there’s Amazon Prime with all the British shows and a tiny little thing called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

But Hulu! In a time when some of us have found ourselves with an unprecedented amount of down time and some of us have found ourselves binge-watching all the things in an effort to escape, just for a little bit, from all the feelings… well, I can’t be the only one who’s scrolled long enough that I actually found the end of Netflix. Can I?

Nope, I refuse to believe I’m the only one who has a long queue of movies and shows . . . but still can’t find anything to watch.

And! Right now a lot of us are at home with more people than normal. I mean, sure, we live with these people even when there’s not a global pandemic happening. But they just aren’t usually ALL HERE ALL THE TIME. So now, movie night or TV time takes on a different feel. Because we have to agree on what to watch. Together. (Soooooo much togetherness…)

I’m here with some recommendations! Hulu really does have something for everyone. (Although, to be clear FOR THE RECORD, not all of these shows is for everyone. Clear? Cool.)

And, in case you’re wondering why on earth I picked THESE shows and not THE OTHER shows that you love… It’s because these are the ones (mostly) that I’ve watched and loved. Yes, yes, I know about The Handmaid’s Tale, Looking for Alaska, Letterkenny, High Fidelity, and Little Fires Everywhere. But I haven’t watched them, so I’m not 100% sure who they’re for. And yes, I KNOW, there are tons of old shows we love on Hulu and current shows on Hulu the next day. I know–and so do you! I’m hoping this post will introduce you to something new to enjoy.

Let’s get started finding something for everyone!

Something for the kids:

  • Sesame Street – Selected episodes from selected seasons will keep your little ones busy for days.
  • Holly Hobbie – This sweet coming-of-age story about a tween, her family, her friends, and their lives in a small town IS ADORABLE. I love it and my girls love it.
  • Hunter Street – A group of foster kids solve mysteries when their parents disappear. I haven’t watched this one yet, but reviews (and a check) have me excited to start watching.
  • Abominable – A teen girl finds a yeti on the roof of her Shanghai apartment building and travels to Mount Everest to take him home. Super cute movie!

Something for romantic comedy lovers:

  • Four Weddings & a Funeral – No, not the movie; the series! This 10-episode romantic comedy is inspired by the movie but goes its own way. Charming, funny, sweet, and one of my favorite watches of 2019!
  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – This new show is my very favorite thing right now. A young professional develops the ability to hear people’s innermost thoughts as songs, and that messes with her career, friendships, and family life. It’s funny and surprisingly moving, and the music is outstanding. Two thumbs up!
  • The Mindy Project – This is Mindy Kaling’s series about a doctor who loves romantic comedies and refuses to believe her life can’t be one. The last couple of seasons are a bit disappointing, but the first ones are stellar!
  • Happy Endings – This comedy about a group of friends starts as two of the friends break up–at the altar. I’ve watched this series multiple times, and it never fails to crack me up!
  • Plus One – This movie about friends who go to a bunch of movies together is a little edgy but also pretty sweet. And definitely funny! (FYI, it’s rated R.)
  • Juliet, Naked – This isn’t about naked people, I promise. It’s a low-key indie rom com about a woman who leaves her longtime boyfriend and makes an unlikely friend in a former rock star.

Something for fans of adventure or mystery:

  • Runaways – This Marvel series is about a group of teens with supernatural powers who discover their parents are the bad guys. Totally bonkers, full of teen angst, and a really good time if you’re into any of that!
  • The Musketeers – Like historical dramas? Or snarky good guys fighting slimy bad guys? Then you’ll like this BBC series.
  • Timeless – Ahhhhh, I loved this show so much! A scientist, a historian, and a soldier travel through time in an attempt to save the world. Also, some people fall in love. It. Is. The. Best.
  • Veronica Mars – Teen sleuth uses the skills she learned from her private detective (and former police chief) dad to solve her classmates’ mysteries. Also, some people fall in love.
  • White Collar – An FBI agent works with a white collar criminal to solve crimes. They become great partners and friends, even if Neal (the criminal) never quite says goodbye to his criminal ways. One of my favorite procedural series of all time!

Something for anyone who wishes they could travel to another time:

  • Back in Time – A documentary about Back to the Future, the ultimate movie about time travel! I haven’t watched this yet but will be doing so ASAP!
  • Timeless – See above, where I gush about this show because I love it so much.
  • The Goldbergs – This nostalgic family sitcom set in the 80s is so funny and, also, surprisingly sweet at times. I dare you not to fall in love with every member of this quirky (and yet so relatable) family!

Something if you love some good teen angst:

  • 10 Things I Hate About You – Nope, not the movie; I am talking about the short-lived series that was on ABC Family. Same dad (strangely), but different actors playing the exact same characters in the same story. It’s cheesy but I did love it. And watch the whole thing twice.
  • Greek – Like your angst to have a little more edge? To be a little more collegiate? But still be shiny and pretty? Go for this series that was also on ABC Family.
  • Veronica Mars – See above or the multiple podcast episodes where I go on and on about how much I love this show.

Something to watch with your older tweens and teens:

  • Making It – Do you miss Ron and Leslie from Parks and Recreation? Well, this should help–and your kids might like it, too. Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler host and judge a sweet, creative competition show of crafters. It is delightful.
  • The Goldbergs – See above and then show your kids how lucky they actually are to live in this century.

Something for the ones with unironic jazz hands:

  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – The singing! The dancing! It’s all so good! (See above for more info.)
  • Perfect Harmony – This short little show will probably not be renewed, and that’s okay. It’s silly and cheesy, but you know what? I watched and loved every episode. It’s about a fancy music professor who does not believe in God directing a small-town church choir in Kentucky. Not to get all serious on you, but despite the over-produced (and yet still so fun) musical numbers, this show is one of the best representations of Christians I’ve seen on television. Just watch it.
  • Miranda – This quirky British sitcom is not a musical show, but they do sing and dance in it. A lot. And you should watch because it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

Something when you just need to laugh:

  • Bob’s Burgers – I’ve just started watching this animated show, but it is SO funny!
  • Miranda – A single woman runs a store with her best friend while being hassled by her mom (for being single) and being in love with her friend (and neighboring business owner) Gary. So British. So funny. So, so funny! (It needed to be repeated.)
  • Happy Endings– See above about this one.
  • Perfect Harmony – And this one.
  • The Goldbergs – And this one, too.

I’m sure I’ve missed something. (Remember, this is based on what I’ve watched and loved–and what I think you’ll love, too.) So, tell us in the comments what you’d recommend and who it’s for!

What’s the best thing you’ve watched on Hulu?

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