What should I watch? This new show or that one everyone’s talking about? Or…maybe I’ll just rewatch Parks and Rec…again…

Who hasn’t been there? Freezing in the face of all the choices? Well, this week Emily P. Freeman joins me at The Couch to talk about our favorite long-running shows, which characters we can trust to take care of us, and how doing the next right thing can apply to our entertainment choices as well as larger ones. 

This episode is part of a special summer series, by the way, where I’m sharing some of my very favorite episodes of The Couch with you. Every episode I’ve curated for you will help you during this season that looks and feels different than anything we’ve experienced before. (And if you want to stay in touch this summer, please join me at The Couch Facebook group! We have so much fun over there, and I’d love to connect with you.)




Welcome to The Couch!

Download the episode here or listen below!

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