Last year my friend Jenny Rapson and I did a deep dive in 1994, going back to the past that didn’t seem all that long ago (but FINE, I guess it kind of is). Both of us were hormonal, impressionable teens back in ’94, so we have all the feelings and memories of this year that’s rich in pop culture history. Join us as we go back in time?

Oh! And as promised, I made a 1994 Spotify playlist for you. (I actually promised two, but it’s been brought to my attention that perhaps there’s not much demand for a separate country music throwback playlist. So, one combined list it is!)

Click here for the playlist.

This episode is part of a special summer series, by the way, where I’m sharing some of my very favorite episodes of The Couch with you. Every episode I’ve curated for you will help you during this season that looks and feels different than anything we’ve experienced before. (And if you want to stay in touch this summer, please join me at The Couch Facebook group! We have so much fun over there, and I’d love to connect with you.)





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