Today I’m joined by Rebekah Hoffer. Rebekah is a blogger, podcaster, wife, and mom—and you may recognize her from the Sorta Awesome podcast team. She is here this week to talk with me about romance novels, and you all? You are in for a treat. We had so much fun talking about all the many different types of romance novels are out there, as well as things like Facebook Marketplace and TikTok. You are going to be so glad you tuned in, I just know it. So get comfy and enjoy episode #64 of The Couch!

The Couch: Conversations About Pop Culture & Why It Matters



  • Selling things on Facebook Marketplace. (Don’t sleep on Rebekah’s tips for making this work!)
  • Watching TikTok videos, mostly courtesy of Jillian and Tracey.


Welcome to The Couch!

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