Welcome back to The Christmas Couch! In these weekly bonus episodes, a friend and I recap and review the new holiday movies we watched the weekend before. We tell you if we’re giving it a thumbs up or down, how diverse the movie was, what made us groan, “C’mon!” and if we’re still hooked on holiday movies.

This week’s episode is super fun, because both my guest and I brought our daughters along to chat! My friend (and friend of the show) Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young brought her daughter Zayla to the Couch, and my daughter Adrienne joined us as well. So that means we’ve got extra giggles, plenty of rabbit trails, and honestly? Some really good insight from our girls who watch holiday movies along with us.

So, Dorina and Zayla tell us about their favorite five movies of the season so far, and then I talk about a couple Hallmark Channel movies I watched last weekend and, surprise! a movie Adrienne and I watched on UPtv.


  • The Christmas Bow (airs next on HMM, 12/20)
  • The Christmas Waltz (airs next on Hallmark Channel, 12/25)
  • Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas (airs next on HMM, 12/20)
  • Five Star Christmas (airs next on Hallmark Channel, 12/19)
  • A Sugar & Spice Holiday (airs next on Lifetime, 12/19)
  • Love, Lights & Hanukkah (airs next on Hallmark Channel, 12/19)
  • Christmas Comes Twice (airs next on Hallmark Channel, 12/19)
  • Dashing Home for Christmas (airs next on UPtv, 12/20)


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Welcome to The Christmas Couch!

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