Welcome to a new episode of The Couch. Today I’m here with my good friend and friend of the show, Jenny Rapson!

Jenny is a writer, a shampoo slinger for Monat, and as you’ll find out later in the episode, a blogger once more. As always, we had such a good time talking and I know you’ll love this conversation too.

In this episode, we’re talking about the best (and worst) friend groups in TV. Which ones would we like to be part of? And which ones would we avoid at all costs? We cover it all.  And because this is The Couch, where rabbit trails and side notes are always welcome, we also get into celebrity game shows, fire pits, and Oreos of all kinds including s’mores flavored and gluten free. I’m glad you’re here, friends. Let’s get started!



  • S’mores Oreos
  • Celebrity Family Feud


Welcome to The Couch!

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