Welcome to a new episode of The Couch. Today I’m here with my friends Lucretia Berry and Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young. 

Lucretia is the creator of Brownicity.com, a learning community that celebrates many hues and one humanity. She’s a wife, mom of three, and a former college professor, and her passion for racial healing led her to becoming an author and speaker.

And long-time listeners know Dorina, friend of the show. She’s a multicultural speaker, author, Bible teacher, foodie, podcaster, and trail runner. She helps people chase God’s glory down unexpected trails and flourish in their God-given callings. Dorina and her husband Shawn are raising three brave girls in Central California. Both of these ladies are also (in)courage contributors, which is how we first became friends. 

We had so much fun chatting, and I think you’ll get a lot out of our conversation, too.

In this episode, we’re talking about how to teach your kids about other races and cultures through media. We’ve got tons of book recommendations for you, plus TV shows and movies to watch with your family, as well as details about a cool new program Lucretia and Dorina have just launched. And because this is The Couch, where rabbit trails and side notes are always welcome, we also get into Scholastic book orders, the next show you’ll want to binge on Netflix, and charcuterie boards. (Yes, again.) All right, friends. Let’s get started!




Welcome to The Couch!

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