Welcome to a new episode of The Couch! Today I’m here with my new friend and fellow (in)courage writer, Rachel Kang.

Rachel is a woman of African American, Native American, Irish, and Dutch descent, and a writer of prose, poems, and other pieces. She’s the founder of Indelible Ink Writers, and her first book, which is about creativity, comes out next year. Rachel is also a fan of Jim Carrey’s Grinch but inexplicably creeped out by the Muppets and yes, that did inform our conversation today! We really did have so much fun chatting, and I think you’re going to love this episode.

This week, Rachel and I are talking about our favorite movies about road trips. After all, it’s summertime and we’ve finally been able to start traveling again. Plus, both Rachel and I love a good road trip. And movies. So, voila! Also, because this is The Couch, where rabbit trails and side notes are always welcome, we also get into used books and essential oils. I’m glad you’re here, friends. Let’s get started!




Welcome to The Couch!

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