Welcome to a new episode of The Couch. Today I’m here again with my good friend and friend of the show, Alana Dawson.

Alana is wife and mom, as well as host of The Podcasting Party podcast and a brilliant podcast coach (no, I’m not biased at all). She has held my hand and patted my back throughout my own podcasting journey, and she’s also one of my favorite people to talk to about pop culture and raising girls (and sometimes, pop culture specifically for our girls).

In this episode, we are once again tackling all of your most pressing pop culture questions in volume five of our “Ask the Couch” series. I took questions from so many of you and, with Alana’s help, tried to answer them the best I could. We had so much fun talking, and I know you’re going to love this conversation.

And, of course, because this is The Couch, where rabbit trails and side notes are always welcome, we also get into chips and queso, getting our nails done, a fun new show on Netflix, and an Instagram account we love following. Okay, friends, let’s get started!


  • What book, movie, or TV show has been loved by multiple generations?
  • If you could only choose one streaming service, which one would it be?
  • What’s a good, light book to read right now?
  •  What are some good, new-ish science fiction books to get my dad?
  • When watching Marvel movies in chronological order, do we have to include the Marvel TV shows?
  • What is your earliest pop culture memory?
  • What’s your favorite musical album from your senior year of high school?
  • Which film adaptation of Pride & Prejudice do you like better?
  • Whhhyyyyy did they cancel Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and how are we supposed to go on without it?
  • How long do you stay with a series that everyone loves, but you can’t get into?
  • Who should Rory have chosen?
  • What’s a good Netflix show to watch with my 10-year-old daughter?
  • What’s coming next on The Couch?



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