What do you love reading in the summer? Is Netflix still the #1 streaming service? What shows are your daughters watching right now? Is it okay to quit reading a book if you just don’t like it?

I’m answering these questions and more today in volume 6 of Ask the Couch! My friend and podcast coach (and friend of the show), Alana Dawson, is here to grill me—I mean, ask me the questions. And as always, it’s a fun time! (Don’t be deceived by that image up there. While we do talk about Daniel Tiger, Theodosia, and the Gilmore Girls, we also get ALL INTO the changes happening at Hallmark and the actors leaving for GAC, the first-ever Hooked on Holiday Movies LIVE EVENT coming this fall, and my new book hitting shelves this August!

Of course, you know rabbit trails and side notes are always welcome on The Couch, especially in an episode with a variety of questions on a variety of topics. So buckle up, friends; we’ve got answers and ideas and opinions and more! Let’s get started.


  • What are the top 5 streaming services? And which ones do you watch the most?
  • I’m curious about streaming burnout. How much binging can one do? How hard is it to get out of the stream and back on real earth?
  • What show did your kids watch when they were younger that brings back fuzzy good feelings for you?
  • Is there anything that is an immediate no for you in movies (for me it’s aliens or snakes)?
  • Do you have a schedule of what kinds of things you watch/read during different seasons? Or is it dictated by whims or library holds?
  • Do you finish every book you start reading? Or will you quit a book you don’t like?
  • Any new family shows out for this summer?
  • What are your thoughts about the Hallmark folks leaving for GAC?
  • What are the topics you’re most excited to write about? Conversely, what are you afraid to write about?
  • I’ve actually been wondering if you have more details for the fall getaway…
  • Can you tell us more about your next book?



  • Stranger Things
  • KC Pride Fest


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