Maybe it’s basic or cliched or whatever, but I really love fall.

Summer is annoying for multiple reasons, and I’m always both relieved and thrilled when the temps finally begin to cool and the leaves begin to turn. As much as I do enjoy the Christmas season, I’ll confess that fall is my favorite season for decorating. I have so many decorative pumpkins that I had to put myself on a pumpkin-buying ban this year! (It’s only mid-September as I write this, so we’ll see if I can stick to it…)

Of course, you know my love for Hallmark movies.

So it will probably come as no surprise that I also adore the specifically autumnal Hallmark movies. You know, the ones with pumpkins on every surface and colorful leaves randomly falling in the background like perfectly timed snow in another season’s movies? Yes, those are the ones. Just like drinking an iced pumpkin spice latte or burning an apple cider candle can give us the fall feels well before the weather cooperates, these movies can do the same.

So if you’re looking for a Hallmark movie to give you fall feels, here are a dozen to choose from!

Each one can be rented or purchased on Amazon Prime, and the first four (notated with HMN) can be watched for free with a Hallmark Movies Now subscription (which you can also do through Prime). You can also use the Hallmark Checklist App to see when these movies will air next on the Hallmark Channel.

13 Hallmark Movies to Give You Fall Feels

  • Harvest Moon – It’s two Jesses in one! Jesse Hutch and Jessy Schram star in this one, as a farm manager and the rich farm owner’s daughter. Did I mention it’s a pumpkin farm? Yep. (HMN)
  • My Best Friend’s Bouquet – Chaley Rose plays a woman who takes a myth about wedding bouquets a little too seriously in this fall-ish movie. For better or worse, Nathan Witte plays the man she almost overlooks because of a bouquet. Of flowers. (HMN)
  • October Kiss – Ashley Williams is at her most charming in this rare Halloween movie. She plays a nanny who falls in love with a single dad and his kids—and of course the feelings are mutual but also complicated. This is one of my all-time favorites. (HMN)
  • Pumpkin Pie Wars – Julie Gonzalo and Eric Aragon are the children of two feuding bakers. It’s a pie contest version of Romeo and Juliet, thankfully with a happier ending. (HMN)
  • A Country Wedding – Jesse Metcalfe is a country singer—and engaged. But that doesn’t stop him from being completely charmed by his childhood friend played by Autumn Reeser, a woman trying to save her family’s farm.
  • Autumn Dreams – Why do I love this movie so much? I don’t know but I do. Jill Wagner and Colin Egglesfield got married as teens and never got divorced. Now that he wants to get married to someone else, she’s forced to pause her farm work and research to deal with that. Except . . . do they want to deal with it? I think you know the answer to that question.
  • Country at Heart – Niall Matter is a country singer (did you know that country singers are automatically fall-ish? Apparently it’s true.), and Jessy Schram is a songwriter who helps him write a hit song. Things get serious and sad and complicated, but you know they work out in the end!
  • Falling for Vermont – Julie Gonzalo is a best-selling author who gets in a car accident and experiences amnesia as a result. The (single, handsome) doctor in the small town where she crashes helps her while she waits for her memory to come back (and falls in love with Vermont…and more…along the way).
  • Love, Fall & Order – It’s another pumpkin farm! And this time, there’s a fall festival at risk, as childhood debate rivals (now lawyers) played by Erin Cahill and Trevor Donovan now compete over a case involving said farm and festival.
  • Love, Of Course – A woman takes her daughter to college, decides to stay in town and plan the town’s harvest festival, and falls in love with a grumpy professor. This is either a delightful romance for grown-ups or a horror story for daughters who just want to leave home for school. (But since I’m a grown-up, I like it!)
  • Sweet Autumn – Has a movie ever autumned as hard as this movie autumns? No. There’s no question. Andrew Walker and Nikkie DeLoach inherit a candy shop and, as they try to figure out why and how to handle this awkward situation, they fall in love while doing every fall thing you can imagine. They didn’t stand a chance.
  • Under the Autumn Moon – Big city corporate gal visits a dude ranch decked out for the season (fall; the fall season!) and meets a hunky ranch owner, who teaches her to love the great outdoors.

Have you watched these movies? Which one is your favorite?

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