Since I wrote about a “soundalike,” I just can’t resist talking a bit about lookalike celebrities. I love playing this game, you see, and my best friend (who indulges me and puts up with me saying, “See, see – they really do look alike!”) is out of town all summer. So, I need an outlet! I’ll just do a couple. Well, three. But that’s all, I promise.

Most Obscure Lookalike: Actress Michelle Monaghan (“Made of Honor“) and Dancer Courtney Galiano (“So You Think You Can Dance“)

They don’t really look alike, alike, but they really remind me of each other: Actor Seth Green (“Austin Powers“) and Actor Josh Gomez (“Chuck“)

And finally (for now), the one that fooled me good: Actress (and activist) Alicia Silverstone (“Clueless“) and Actress Maggie Lawson (“Psych“). I watched an entire movie one Saturday starring Maggie Lawson, and I swore it was Alicia Silverstone. My husband looked at the TV for a minute and said, “Hey, she looks like Alicia Silverstone, but her mouth is different.” And I said, of course, “Duh! It is Alicia Silverstone.”

Yeah. It wasn’t.

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