This one’s for Hobsis, Melilot, Dappy and Scout. You have to look at them in order (sorry I’m too lazy to get pictures this time). Because I don’t really think all four look exactly like. Nope. I think Justin looks like Christopher who looks like Carmine who looks like David. What do you think?

  • Justin Bartha (Riley from National Treasure, of course!)
  • Christopher Gartin (Randomly starring in this Jane Doe movie, but also in Side Order of Life on Lifetime and American Dreams with my other lookalike!)
  • Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny from CSI:NY – he doesn’t have good pics on IMDB.)
  • David Sutcliffe (Christopher from Gilmore Girls. And briefly of Private Practice last year.)

And as brought to my attention from my best friend, Smitty:

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