If there’s one thing I need like a hole in the head, it’s another show to watch every week. I mean, when one feels it necessary to actually make a TV-watching schedule, said couch potato probably has enough going on in TV Land, right? That being said, I’ve tried hard over the past couple of years to keep my new shows to a minimum. Because as the natural attrition of television occurs, my number of addictions will automatically decrease. (Natural attrition, plus the complete disregard of TV executives, says the still-sad Veronica Mars fan…)

Last year, I only got into one new show: Chuck. If you aren’t watching this show, you should. It’s very funny. It has romance, if you like that sort of thing. And spy-filled mysteries, if you like that. And for the nerds in the group, you’ll like the crazy antics of Chuck’s co-workers.

Anyway, I watched a few other shows last year, but thanks to the infamous strike, I didn’t get truly hooked.

This year, I’ve avoided new shows at all cost (and by “all cost,” I mean watching cringe-inducing episodes of Til Death, a show that could not possibly hook anyone on anything, rather than checking out something new). I even decided to dump a peripheral (usually watch but don’t have to) show. Sorry, Ugly Betty.

And then last night, I decided to watch My Own Worst Enemy. (Turns out that’s kind of funny and possibly ironic, since in my struggle against television overload, my curiosity and broad taste often makes me my own worst enemy.)

I surfed a little this morning and saw that it’s gotten mixed reviews. The New York Times and the LA Times gave it good reviews, but TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly weren’t so flattering.

I liked it. More than I wanted to, that’s for sure. Because I think I’m going to add this to my already-complicated Monday night viewing routine. (Since I know you’re wondering…Watch Chuck at 7 pm, while taping How I Met Your Mother at 7:30 pm. Watch HIMYM at 8 pm, then Samantha Who – another peripheral show – at 8:30 pm.) Here’s the low-down on this show:

Christian Slater plays a man who discovers he’s living a double life with a split personality. For you literary types, his two names are Edward and Henry – an obvious shout-out to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (Obvious to literary types. Me, I read it in one of those reviews.) In one life/brain, Slater’s character is Edward, a super spy, ruthless and talented. In the other, he’s Henry, a somewhat boring suburban husband and father. For an unknown-as-yet reason, the split personalities begin crossing over in Edward/Henry’s brain in the pilot, causing all sorts of trouble and confusion.

But not confusion for the viewer. The premise is convoluted but not so much that I couldn’t follow along. And because I appreciate the spy genre, I was happy to suspend all disbelief (and maybe some rational thought) while watching.

The LA Times points out that waking up to realize you are actually a deadly spy is not all it’s cracked up to be. “How fun would it be to wake up and realize you know how to rig a car bomb, hold your breath for five minutes and speak a dozen languages? Not as fun as you’d think, apparently.”

I had this very thought last night while watching the scene when Edward (spy) turns into Henry (not spy) in the middle of an assassination mission. I thought, “Wow, wouldn’t he know what to do from watching spy movies?” (As if everyone watches spy movies.) Then they showed the unfolding chaos of rescue from Henry’s point of view, including his face being splattered with blood – not his. And I realized that perhaps I’ve watched a few too many spy movies and that maybe it wouldn’t be that cool to be a spy after all.

Then again, you watch Chuck and tell me being a spy isn’t cool!

Your turn: Do you like spy movies? Are you addicted to any TV shows? Did you have a crush on Christian Slater back in the days of Prince of Thieves? (No? Just me? Okay…)

What should you watch next?


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